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Stockings : Nylon Stockings, Seamed, Reinforced Heel and Toe
New Items: Thigh Highs and Stockings,  Pantyhose and Garter Belts Just  Added
Featured Stockings and Thigh Highs Specials
Lingerie: Bras, Panties, Lace Sets, Garter Belts, Cinchers, Slips
Silk Hosiery: Silk Thigh Highs & Silk Stockings
Queen Size: Stockings, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose, Lingerie
Bridal: Wedding Stockings, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose, Lingerie
Thigh Highs : Stay-ups, Lace Top, Opaque, Sheer, Personalized
Personalized: Custom Stockings, Thigh Highs, Lingerie
Fashion Prints: Stockings, Tights, Leggings, Socks and Thigh Highs
Garter Belts: Waist Cinchers, Garter Skirts, Dresses, 6 Strap Garter Belts
Fashion Legwear: Hosiery, Tights, Stockings and Thigh Highs
Stockings Accessories, Hosiery Wash, and Gloves
Tights: Opaque, Textured, Ribbed, Wool
Opaque: Thigh Highs, Stockings, Tights
Warm Tights, Wool Tights, Leggings, Cotton Tights
Pantyhose : Sheer to Waist, Seamed & RHT Pantyhose
RHT: Stockings, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose with Reinforced Heel and Toes
Seamed Stockings : Cuban and French Heel Seamed Stockings, Back Seamed Thigh Highs, Fancy Seamed Pan
Leggings: Wool, Fashion Colors, Capri, Ankle Length
Thigh Highs and Stockings,  Pantyhose and Garter Belts Made in the USA
Lace Top: Stockings, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose
Socks:  Knee High, Over the Knee, Ankle
Stockings, Hosiery and Lingerie Bazaar, Closeouts
Sale Stockings: Sale Hosiery, Stockings, Tights, Lingerie and Leggings
Seasonal Thigh Highs, Stockings, Tights, and More
Winter/Fall: Thigh Highs, Warm Tights, Pantyhose, Fashion Legwear
Summer/Spring: Stockings, Thigh Highs and Pantyhose
Gift Sets: Stocking Gift Sets, Lingerie Gift Sets, Thigh High Gift Sets + More
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Nicola Garter Belt Carmela and Tessa Silk Stockings Annabelle Bow Accented Seamed Thigh Highs Arabella Printed Stockings Mirabelle Ultra Sheer Lace Lingerie Set Harper RHT Flash Julie and Mila Pantyhose

Welcome to the most comprehensive stockings selection on the internet!

We carry the classics like vintage inspired stockings and fashion legwear, but we’re so much more than that. StockinGirl is the exclusive producer of printed and patterned stockings, thigh highs and socks. We also feature a wide selection of customizable stockings for holidays, special occasions and more. These prints, patterns and custom stockings are completely unique to StockinGirl - you can’t find them anywhere else!

Thigh Highs, Stay-ups, Lace Top Thigh Highs, Lace Top Stay-up Thigh Highs Pantyhose, Fancy Pantyhose, Sheer to waist pantyhose, 7 denier pantyhose Stockings, Seamed Stockings, Nylon Stockings, Stretch Stockings, Full Fashion Stockings Lingerie, Red Lace Lingerie Set, Garter Belts, Waist Cinchers, Leg Garters, Stockings Hold Ups

While we stock almost everything you could think of, here are some categories to start looking through:

Vintage Style Stockings:

We stock 100% silk stockings, RHT stockings, multiple varieties of seamed stockings as well as fully fashioned seamed stockings knit on the original vintage machines. Our retro seamed variations also include modern colors like tangerine, yellow, pink and purple.

Bridal Stockings:

Our bridal stockings are unique, elegant and more importantly customizable. Customized stockings make a great gift for the bride as well as for the whole bridal party. We carry all deniers of stockings in a wide size range, from petite to plus size.

Fashion Legwear:

Our stockings come in completely unique prints and patterns that cannot be found anywhere else. Our exclusive prints come on stockings, thigh highs and socks, which make them perfect for all of your fashion needs. Our fashion legwear offerings include many exclusive offerings that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Cold Weather Legwear:

Our cold weather legwear includes a wide selection of leggings, but we also carry a range of speciality cotton and wool tights, stockings and thigh highs for cold weather.

Custom Hosiery:

StockinGirl is home to the first custom hosiery boutique. Here we offer our high quality stockings with personalization options that are unavailable anywhere else. We also offer a large range of hosiery to help you celebrate the major holidays of the year, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Come explore all our styles and create your own unique pair of stockings!

Garter Belts, Lingerie and Accessories:

This category includes garter belts, six strap garter belts as well as provocative lingerie that will help you turn a special occasion into something even more memorable.