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About Us

Welcome to StockinGirl!

Here’s a little info about us. StockinGirl originated in 1998 because of a passion for vintage style stockings and lingerie that we collected for many years from the USA, France and Italy. Originally an eBay store at inception, eBay actually created a vintage stockings category for us when none existed, we were the first! We started selling our large collection of boxed vintage stockings, everything from pure silk hosiery to fully fashioned (seamed) stockings, and nylon stockings with beautiful embroidered designs on the legs. Perhaps you remember when elegant stockings were still packaged in beautiful tissue paper and lovely collectable boxes?

As StockinGirl grew we added a collection of thigh highs that don’t need a garter belt, made modern reproductions of many of the vintage styles that we covet, and a pantyhose and tights collection. We now have a comprehensive collection of many different vintage styles that are either direct reproductions or unique interpretations of these vintage styles.

Here’s a couple of things you may not know about StockinGirl:

  • Hanes was kind enough to allow us to exclusively make reproductions of the famous 415 style nylon stockings from the 1950’s through the early 1980’s with reinforced heel and toes, so we started manufacturing these special stockings ourselves.
  • We were the first to reproduce colored sheer stockings from the 1950’s, and the very first to reproduce the bi – color seamed stockings that you see made in Europe now. We sent the original vintage style sample from my personal collection over to Europe to make them for us as this style was originally a 1950’s stocking, only made in the United States until most factories basically stopped making stockings, and hosiery in general. After a while we added unique colors that were never made in these vintage styles. We were the original inspiration to bring this vintage style back!

Later we added luxury fashion tights, pantyhose and modern lingerie styles mostly with a slightly retro perspective to make StockinGirl one of the most comprehensive hosiery and lingerie on the internet.

Our designs are often seen in many Broadway plays, fashion magazines, runway shows and are the hosiery designers and manufacturers of a number of luxury brand names you may find in stores.