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Stockings, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose & Socks Product List

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Code Name Image Price    
STH101 100% Silk Thigh Highs : Silk Antonia 100% Silk Lace Top Stay Ups $84.99
STH102 Silk Thigh Highs : Silk 100% Pure Silk Luxury Thigh Highs $84.99
TAM161 Tamara Over the Heel Footless Leggings- Available in Ivory and Peony {Were $22.99 Now Only $9.99} $9.99
TBTH6 Thigh Highs: Adrianne Tie Back Ribbon & Bow Thigh Highs $29.99
TCTH Thigh Highs : Tasha Custom Signature Silky Pure Nylon Thigh Highs $25.99
TGB5 Garter Belt: Madelyn Satin Ribbon Tie-up Garter Thong- Now Available up to 4X! $24.99
TGTH4 Juliana Opaque Cotton Ribbed Thigh Highs $25.99
TH8DN Thigh Highs : Cassandra Ultimate Sheer 8 Denier Thigh Highs $19.99
THBS4 Thigh High Sale: Save 40% Bi-Color Back Seam Thigh Highs, 2 Pairs for $24.99 Regularly $20.99 Each $24.99
THSD6 Swiss Dot Sheer Thigh Highs $19.99
TL104 Lace Stockings: Chantelle Delicate Lace Stockings with Lace Tops $19.99
TL104S Lace Stockings Special: 2 pairs of Chantelle Lace Stockings for $29.99 $29.99
TLB4 Lingerie Bag: New StockinGirl Lingerie Travel Bag $11.99
TLS4 Lingerie Set : Keira Sheer Tulle Lingerie Set $99.99
TRG8 Stockings: Tamyra Diamond Welt Sheer Reinforced Toe Stockings $20.99
TRG8s Stockings: Tamyra Diamond Welt Sheer Reinforced Toe Stockings, 3 pairs 20% discount $50.37
TRT4 Warm Tights : Talia 60 Denier Soft Ribbed Opaque Tights- $22.99 $22.99
TSP8 Custom Thigh Highs : Sparkling Glitter Effect Personalized Thigh Highs or Stockings $25.99
TTBS5 Tania Floral Baroque Pattern Back Seamed Thigh Highs $22.99
USAL5 Opaque Leggings: Samantha Ultra Smooth Leggings (Were 28.99, Now $19.99) $19.99
USAT5 Opaque Tights: Lori Ultra Smooth Opaque Tights- $22.99 $22.99
VBLTH Stockingirl Signature Black Velvet Hosiery Bag with Lace Top Fishnet Thigh Highs Inside $22.99
VCS Stockings : Ruby Heart and Personal Name Stockings $39.99
VCS27 Nylon Stockings, Custom Designed: Valerie Velvet Touch Custom Stockings $37.99
VDS Stocking: Cascading Heart Opaque Stockings $33.99
VDTH Cascading Heart Seamed Thigh Highs $25.99
VGLS8 Lingerie Set: Janelle Green and Black Lace Lingerie Set $79.99
VIV239 Garter Belts: Sheer Lace Garter Panty, One piece garter belt and panty (Were $29.99, Now $15.99) $15.99
VLTH Black Velvet Hosiery Bag With Your Custom Name $18.99
VLTH4 Christy Velvet Lace Top Thigh Highs $27.99
VLTHR Velvet Hosiery Bag With Your Custom Name- Available Red, Silver, Black and Rose $18.99
VPLS8 Lingerie Bra and Panty : Janelle Fuschia Pink and Black Lace Lingerie Set $79.99
VSB Stockings and Matching Velvet Bag Special $25.99
VSLS-1 Lingerie: Mirabelle Ultra Sheer Lace Lingerie Set in Magenta Pink $69.99
VSLS-2 Lingerie: Mirabelle Ultra Sheer Lace Lingerie Set in Black $69.99
VSLS-3 Lingerie: Mirabelle Ultra Sheer Lace Lingerie Set in Ivory $69.99
VSOT4 Tights : Mirabelle Semi-Opaque Tights Available in Ten Colors- $19.99 $19.99
VSSHB Stockingirl Signature Velvet Hosiery Bag $13.99
VTHGB Lace Top Thigh Highs and Matching Velvet Bag Special $27.99
WBLR6 Lingerie: Marilee Personalized Satin Wedding Lingerie Robe- Available in White and Teal! $45.99