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SKU: FFCS Marlene Vintage Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings

Marlene Vintage Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings
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  • SKU: FFCS Marlene Vintage Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings

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Complete a retro style outfit or give a contemporary fashion look a little vintage style with our Marlene stockings. They are authentic French heel full fashioned stockings and have a pointed, sometimes referred to a pyramid heel. Unlike the squared top Cuban heel stockings, the French heel feeds directly into the seam at its point, and fits more snugly against your heel. You will find the vertical seam elongates your legs beautifully. Our fully fashioned seamed stockings are exact replicas of the original 1950's stocking using the same yarns and knitting techniques. This stocking, unlike many modern fully fashioned stockings, is uniquely crisp feeling, and has an ultra smooth, slippery quality previously only found in vintage stockings. We went even further by adding an extra finishing process to the stockings to make them even softer! Our stocking has all the genuine features of a 1950's full fashion stocking, it is knit on original 60 gauge Reading machines using 15 denier nylon.


  • Authentic seamed stockings, hand crafted with keyhole back and French heel
  • 15 Denier ultra sheer, non-stretch nylon fabric
  • 100% Nylon, ultra soft and silky with a feel that exactly like vintage stockings
  •  French pointed heel (think of the Eiffel tower) and reinforced foot
  • Keyhole back detail on the top welt, this is how you know it's authentic!
  • Marlene stockings require a garter belt to hold them up nice and tight
  • Made in Europe