Josephine Cuban Heel 100% Nylon Seamed Stockings

Josephine Cuban Heel 100% Nylon Seamed Stockings
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    Josephine Cuban Heel 100% Nylon Seamed Stockings

    - Fully Fashioned Seamed Cuban Heel Stockings, very rare stockings, hand seamed

    - 15 Denier ultra sheer

    - 100% non-stretch Nylon, extremely soft and beautifully sheer stockings

    - Traditional Cuban Heel, squared off at the top where the seam meets the heel. Reinforced vintage style bottom of foot

    Josephine stockings are a reproduction of a vintage style we had in our original personal collection of stockings. I found these stockings probably 20 years ago in a hosiery store on the lower East side of Manhattan, they were tucked away in a corner because the owner decided to abandon sheer hosiery and sell athletic socks (go figure) But I digress. I immediately purchased them and held them unworn in my collection until I could have them perfectly reproduced. I loved everything about them, the white picot stripe at the top, the fully fashioning marks, keyhole back and the perfect transparency of them. So I sent them off to a factory that made fully fashioned stockings, and we reproduced the details I loved perfectly. Elegant vintage style stockings are perfect reproductions of extremely rare '40s & '50s seamed stockings complete with welt keyhole and hand crafted seam. Stockings are treated with silicone for extra softness.

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