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Stockings, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose & Socks Product List

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Code Name Image Price    
BLR6 Lingerie: Emmalyn Satin Bridal Lingerie Robe $42.99
BLS6 Lingerie: Scarlett Rose Bouquet Red Satin and Lace Lingerie Bra and Panty $69.99
BMLR6 Lingerie: Luxurious Personalized Satin Lingerie Robe $43.99
BPLS6 Lingerie: Natalie Blush Pink Lace Lingerie Set with Burgundy Accents $59.99
BQS100 Queen Stockings : Patricia Queen Sized Pure Nylon Stockings, Sale 3 pairs $36.99
BRM81 Thigh Highs : Jezebel Lace Top Sheer Sandalfoot Stay Up Thigh Highs $21.99
BRM81S Thigh Highs : Jezebel Lace Top Stay Ups. Buy two pairs and receive one pair free $42.99
BS6DN Seamed Stockings: Audrey Back Seamed Sheerest Possible 6 Denier Stockings $21.99
BSLR Silky Robes : Addy Soft Satin Lingerie Robe with Outlined Hearts- Sizes Small - 4 Extra Large $42.99
BSN45 Gemma Stockings: Sparkly Birthstone Gems Sheer Stockings $36.99
BSP44 Nylon Pantyhose: Astra Metallic Shimmer Sparkle Pantyhose $22.99
BSPH4 Ellen Back Seamed Sheer Pantyhose Available in Black or Grey in Small[Were $22.99, Now Only $9.99} $9.99
BTI15 Opaque Tights: Raquel Microfiber Opaque Tights $20.99
BTPH Pantyhose: Brigette Bow and Garter Effect Pantyhose $22.99
BWR6 Lingerie: Desiree Elegant Crystal Bride & Bridesmaid Robe $48.99
CAB10 Wool Tights: Vanessa Thick & Soft Exquisite Cable Knit Wool Tights $39.99
CAL15 Stretch Ultra Sheer Stockings: Heidi 15 Denier Sandalfoot Stockings $20.99
CAP20 RHT Stockings : Vintage Style Stockings Natalia 20 Denier Sheer RHT Stockings $22.99
CCKS Socks: Cotton Cable Knit Over the Knee Socks $19.99
CCT10 Cotton Cable Knit Tights: Sarah Cotton Cable Knit Tights- $36.99 $36.99
CCT20 Donatella 120 Denier Thick Cotton Tights- Available in Navy Blue (Were $24.99, Now $14.99) $14.99
CD060 Opaque Tights: Ava Luxury Semi-Opaque Tights $29.99
CD061 Opaque Tights: Ava Luxury Semi-Opaque Tights- Now Available in 5 Fashionable Colors $29.99
CGS Christie Custom Silver Glitter & Snowflake RHT Stockings $39.99
CH100 Seamed Stockings: Josephine Cuban Heel Seamed Stockings $74.99
CHTH4 Thigh Highs : Anastasia Cuban Heel Seamed Lace Top Thigh Highs $24.99
CLG24 Kristin Satin and Lace Leg Garters: Two Piece Leg Garters with Satin and Lace $24.99
CLT4 Lace Thong: Brielle Wide Lace Thongs- Available in 7 fashionable colors! Were $9.99, Now $5.99 $5.99
COL10 Emma Colored Semi-Opaque Tights -Available in Small-XLarge {Were $19.99 Now Only $6.99} $6.99
CPL44 Printed Tights and Thigh Highs $25.99
CRT2 Tights: Isabel Beautiful European Fashion Soft Crochet Textured Tights $25.99
CRTH8 Thigh Highs : Violette Crochet Thigh Highs $23.99
CS761 Custom RHT Stockings: Cheryl Personalized Ultra Sheer RHT Stockings $39.99
CS761S Custom Sandalfoot Stockings: Cheryl Customized Sandalfoot Stockings $33.99
CSB471 Custom Stockings: Brenda Heart and Personalized Name Ultra Sheer Stockings $35.99
CSR472 Custom Rose Top Stockings: Brenda Rose Personalized Top RHT Ultra Sheer Stockings $39.99
CSR472S Custom Rose Top Stockings: Brenda Rose Top Personalized Sandalfoot Stockings $35.99
CSR742 Julianne Crystal Accented Stockings or Thigh Highs $35.99
CSRHT1 Stockings: Trisha RHT Nylon Stockings- limited colors now $19.99 $19.99
CSRHT105 Stockings: Trisha Ultra Sheer Reinforced Heel and Toe Nylon Stockings in Fashion Colors $25.99